CLICK FOR MORE INFO – This urn is made of pecky maple in the body, spalted maple for the handle and lock mechanism, and cherry for the base and highlights. “Pecky” is an unusual form of wood that exhibits numerous spots or elongated areas throughout the wood caused by localized decay – usually in the bark of the tree. These can be caused by infection of the growth rings or localized injury by insects or bird pecks. It is rare to find a piece of wood like this and I was immediately drawn to the unusual character of the grain and the beauty of these “defects.” The spalted maple in the handle and lock come from a hard, dense area close to a knot and have rich tones of butterscotch with characteristic spalted flecks of black running throughout.

The lid of this urn locks onto a central post which keeps the top firmly secured.

Finished with tung oil, hand rubbed poly and bees wax. Outside dimensions 10.5″(h) X 6.25″ X 6.25″. Inside dimensions 7″(h) X 5″ X 5″. 170 cu. in. (approx.)


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