Customized Urns


Purchasing a unique urn from the website

Each wooden urn that I make is unique. There are some urns that are for sale on the website. There are times when the need is immediate so I like to have a selection that can be purchased on short notice.

Customizing your urn 

I am also pleased to build a customized urn. My aim is to find out something about the person and, whenever possible, try to incorporate something that is, or has been, meaningful for this person.  This could be a small object that could be used as a handle, a piece of wood from a favourite place or object, or something from the natural surroundings of a place that was important to the person. When customizing an urn, you can consider the following:

Custom made urn made with cherry and copper and blackwood highlights
Custom made urn: cherry with copper and blackwood highlights
  • preferred design elements that appear in other urns on the website;
  • endless choice in types of wood  from local woods to exotic hardwoods;
  • having a separate keepsake drawer or box for jewellery or photos;
  • locking pins or mechanisms to secure the lid in place


In order to customize an urn for you, I would normally meet with you to determine your preferences before proceeding with the creation of the urn.

Custom made urns typically range in price from $400 – $1,000 depending on features and complexity. After I have met with you, I would provide a sketch of the urn and confirm the price before proceeding. When possible, I can work on a rush basis (4-5 days minimum). Normally Allow at least 2-4 weeks for completion and delivery.


Preparing the Urn

The ashes or cremains that you receive from the crematorium are typically placed in a plastic bag and a temporary cardboard or plastic box (usually 4.5″X6″x8″). The plastic bag with the ashes can be easily transferred into the urn you have purchased. (You can also provide the urn in advance to the funeral director and have them transfer the cremains).


Displaying the UrnDSCN7411

Once the ashes are in the urn, you can choose to display the urn in your home with the option to scatter ashes at the appropriate DSCN7407time, bury the urn with the assistance of the funeral director,  or display the urn  in a columbarium niche (normally 12″X12″X12″). All of the urns that I create will fit in a niche such as this with room for other keepsakes.





Disposition of Cremated Remains in Ontario

Ash scattering can be performed in a variety of ways, which can uniquely memorialize the deceased.
In Ontario, there appears to be a misconception that the law prohibits ash scattering. This is NOT the case, although you must carefully consider the options for the disposition of cremated remains. There is no need to obtain consent from the provincial government to scatter on Crown lands, but those wishing to scatter on municipally owned areas of the lakeshore, municipal waterways and parkland must gain permission from the appropriate town or city in Ontario.

Above taken from the following website and for more information see:



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