Serving trays

Breakfast in bed, tea and scones in the living room, or glasses of Heartwood cider on the deck – these sturdy trays are at your service. All trays have a vinyl base that is waterproof and wipeable. Finish on the wood is polyurethane which is washable. Trays cannot be immersed in water.

Ambrosia maple with curly maple handles; cherry corner keys; zebrawood plugs
13.5″ X 19″ X 3″ (H)
For sale: $240
Cherry tray with spalted maple handles; blackwood and spalted maple inlays
14.5″ X 22.5″ X 3(H)
SOLD: $260
Gumwood tray with walnut inlays
14″ X 20″ X 3″ (H)
SOLD $275
Gumwood with wenge handles, teak and blackwood inlays
14″ X 20″ X 3″ (H)
SOLD $275
Tobermory cedar:

Cherry with bubinga highlights
Purple heart with juniper handles

Purple heart with ossage orange highlights (SOLD)

Walnut with Leopard wood handles (SOLD)

Maple with blackwood handles (SOLD)

Maple with blackwood and purple heart (SOLD)

walnut with birdseye maple handles (SOLD)

Butternut with walnut handles (SOLD)

Butternut with walnut  highlights (SOLD)

Ambrosia maple with blackwood handle (SOLD)

rosewood with bubunga and purple heart (SOLD)

Trays in process!